EPOC Ultralite® Urban Cargo Shorts - Celana Pendek Cargo EPOC - Hitam, M

  • 249.000,00
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Cargo shorts have earned their rightful place as wardrobe staples. But for all their reliability, their style has never been obsession-worthy. Until now.

The Urban Shorts gives the classic design a complete overhaul, mixing Ultralite® with refinement to create an everyday pant that’s both design-driven and totally dependable. We chose a lightweight flexible fabric with a soft feel and streamlined the pockets to minimize bulk. There’s still plenty of storage for the day’s essentials, but there’s no worry of being weighed down. And because you need clothes that quickly adjust to changing environments, we gave the waistband a drawcord and upgraded the hems with bungee cords for a custom fit.

Model 173cm / 73kg wears size L