Long Sporty Pants DML31

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Long Sport Pants

Long training pants are suitable for sports equipment

There are sizes ranging from

S for 60kg body weight

M for a body weight of 70kg

L for a weight of 80kg

XL for 90kg body weight

XXL for weight 100kg

XXXL for weight 110kg

XXXXL for weight 120kg

*The above instructions are only guidelines for bodies whose chest circumference is more or less the same as their stomach circumference.

* If the stomach size is larger, automatically choose one size from the standard above, for example, the weight is 70KG but the stomach is more prominent, then choose size L

* The size above is more or less a guideline, if you want a fit body, please go down one size.

*May exchange sizes, return period within 7 days of purchase.