About Us

  • Djarum Mas is a manufacturer and supplier of sportswear from hats to shoes,
  • People like to socialize, people also like to stay healthy so they choose to exercise. Sport has various benefits to increase Enthusiasm and Adrenaline, to be successful everyone must increase motivation from within. The question is how do you want to exercise and socialize at the same time? how can you socialize if your workout clothes don't help boost your confidence? you need clothes that are neat, up-to-date, and that improve performance, Djarum Mas is here to provide products that can increase your confidence and performance when doing activities.
  • We are located at the Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua Wholesale Center, 1st Floor C no 117.
  • We have started our wholesale business since 1990
  • We started trying to get closer to consumers through online in 2015
  • Call us at +6221-6015831 Indonesia
  • or whatsapp +6281311009817
  • Social links djarum_mas@yahoo.com