Andre Michel material model 233 Cotton 100%

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Andre Michel is a Tshirt targeted at comfort seekers and a casual, refined look.

We test raw materials and we special orders, the color will not change until 1000 washes

Long training pants are suitable for sports equipment

There are sizes ranging from

S for 60kg body weight

M for a body weight of 70kg

L for a weight of 80kg

XL for 90kg body weight

XXL for weight 100kg

XXXL for weight 110kg

XXXXL for weight 120kg

*The above instructions are only guidelines for bodies whose chest circumference is more or less the same as their stomach circumference.

* If the stomach size is larger, automatically choose one size from the standard above, for example, the weight is 70KG but the stomach is more prominent, then choose size L

* The size above is more or less a guideline, if you want a fit body, please go down one size.

*May exchange sizes, return period within 7 days of purchase.