Elbow Sleeve Support Elbow Protector N151

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Elbow Sleeve Support Elbow Protector Brand Athlete Original

Disturbances in the elbows are quite disturbing, especially for those who like to exercise who move their arms a lot, such as: tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc.

With a strong grip, keep the movement of the arm muscles so that they heal quickly and do not cause new injuries.

The Athlete brand pays attention to product quality so that it is comfortable and durable to use for a long time.

Do not wash using harsh detergents and hot water, as this will reduce the elasticity of the material.

Size options: M, L, XL

Size :

S = 22.9 - 26.7 cm

M = 27.3 - 31.0 cm

L = 32.4 - 37 cm

XL = 33.0 - 43.2 cm

How to measure: Measure the circumference of the elbow

Color options: Black, Cream

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