Epoc Aerobust™ Classic Pants - Celana Panjang Business Casual

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Introducing the next evolution of EPOC, the Aerobust™ Classic Pants. Designed to never take a day off, these Pants are versatility at the highest degree. Whether you’re commuting to the office or on your way to a date, these Pants are Always On because comfort doesn't take a break even when you do

DIilengkapi dengan 2 Kantong zipper samping dan 1 kantong zipper belakang, tali karet pinggang dan tempat sabuk belt dan tentu saja bahan super nyaman dan stretchy supaya tetap fit selama kerja, olahraga, santai dan kegiatan apapun

- 4-way stretch for all day comfort
- Modern style easy to dress up or down no matter the occasion
- Breathable and moisture wicking fabric keeping you cool under pressure
- Minimalist design delivering a professional look

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