Hair Coloring as Easy as Herbal Shampoo Gray Hair Paint Hair Color

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Ready :
- Black

Fill 1 bottle and 1 rubber glove.

Feature :
- It is an extracted hair dye shampoo
from healthy and natural herbal plants so
safe to use.
- When you dye your hair, the potion will
as well as nourish your hair so it looks more
- The latest product from this is suitable for gray hair
due to aging, whether old or young or for
you want to change your hair color

500ml packaging

500ml packaging
Production : 31-10-2020
Expired : 30-10-2023

How to use:

1. You don't need to wash your hair before coloring
hair, simply apply to dry hair
2. Please wear gloves during the process
colouring hair. If you accidentally
touch the ear or forehead, please clean it
with a wet tissue or wet towel.
3. Shampoo will oxidize and change color if
exposed to air.
4. Run the coloring process until it's even then wait
15-20 minutes. Just rinse it, hope it's clean, rinse it
no shampoo.
5. Due to differences in the condition of each person's body, then
It's a good idea to do a little skin test before use.