Pocket Outdoor Thin Parachute Jacket Tissue, anti-rain (waterproof), (dust proof) anti-scratch

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Men women's waterproof bicycle running jacket parachute sports jacket

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The parachute sports jacket made of imported nylon parachute is very suitable for outdoor activities, such as jogging, running, cycling and other activities. This material is very soft and waterproof

The advantages of our Sports Jackets:
- Imported nylon parachute material
- Soft and waterproof
- Neat stitches and high quality sliding can be used up to 10 thousand times
- The ends of the sleeves and the edges of the jacket are all equipped with elastic rubber, very comfortable when worn
- The color is bright and light, only 103grams
- It is equipped with a very practical pouch for carrying around and saving storage space
- When folded into a pocket it is only 12 x 9 cm

Product Specifications:
- Material: Parachute Nylon and waterproof
- Weight: 103gram
- Dimensions: 12x19 cm
- Anti Wind / Windbreaker
- Waterproof / Waterproof 80% / light rain
- 99% UV blocking
- It can be used for outdoor / indoor sports
- It could also be a motorcycle jacket
- Arms are rubber
- It can be folded into a small bag / sapce saving for traveling

Unisex : Men and Women
Size : S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL
Color: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Black, Orange, Pink, Fanta Pink, Yellow and White

Approximate Height and Weight at SIze:
S : Perfect for height 155cm, 56kg and perfect for height 161cm, 54kg.
M : Perfect for height 160cm, 57kg, and fits perfectly for height 162cm, 60kg.
L : Perfect fit at 156cm, 72kg.
XXL: Can be used for height 160cm, 75kg, A bit large for use at a height of 165cm, 70kg, and a bit short for a height of 179cm.

The size and color can be noted in the ordering information and can be chatted first for the stock situation. :)